New Album – O-Janà with Michele Rabbia “Inland Images” [Folderol Records] Copertina O-Janà with MicheleRabbia - Inland Images (FolDeRol 2018)

«Beautiful album, which moves between song form, electronics and improvisation.»
Tobia D’Onofrio – XL/La Repubblica

«It’s very beautiful – fascinating, bewitching, uncanny.»    
Pino Saulo – Radio 3

«…Able to reveal hidden treasures of crystalline beauty to be discovered with patience and passion.»
Stefano ‘Bizarre’ Quario – Blow up

 «Advenutous and convincing debut …A plethora of mastered and never over the top awesomeness.»

 «… We deal with a malleable sound material, high and very sophisticated.»
Fabrizio Zampighi – Sentireascoltare





Ludovica Manzo “Scraps” [Jazz Engine]scraps_cover alta

«Ludovica Manzo with “Scraps” signs an influential CD where the skills of composer, writer, leader, vocalist and interpreter are enhanced.»
Luigi Onori – Alias/Il Manifesto

«Ludovica’s free way of singing has a sort of avant-garde flavor, it refers to some Scandinavian productions, a certain kind of songwriting. It holds Bjork together with Maria Pia De Vito and Joni Mitchell.»
Federico Vacalebre – Il Mattino

«The omnivorous creative curiosity that, starting from jazz, pushes her to rigorously touch unexplored musical paths resulting from blend of styles and cultures.»
Stefano De Stefano – Corriere del Mezzogiorno






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